Modern Worship (9:15am)

On Sundays at 9:15am, we gather in the Celebration Center (found in the Education Building) for a time of Modern Worship. What is "Modern Worship?" It's a time of music you might year today on the radio coupled with experiences from generations back. It is participatory. You'll experience a relevant message and then dialogue and questions. We have an extended prayer time to allow you space and quiet to connect with God and also receive Eucharist every week. Sitting around circular tables with comfy chairs in a laid back environment, Alive is just that...Alive. Come join us at9:15am. Childcare provided. Plus, the Celebration Center has an area of toys and fun for kids to sit next to their parents and play if parents prefer.

Classic Worship (10:30am)

On Sundays at 10:30am, we gather in the Sanctuary for a time of classic worship featuring music from the 10:30am band and the Amity Choir together. This service mixes traditional music you'll remember from your childhood with classic contemporary.  A relevant message and a more traditional feel will help you connect to Christ. Holy Communion is served about once a month. Childcare, children's programming, and programming for teens are available during this worship experience too. Plus, the sanctuary has a section for mom's of young children with toys and rockers.

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