New to Cathedral Amity



Whether you are searching for a church home or just visiting, we want you to know that you are welcome here! The banner over our doors reads “All Means All,” and we strive to live into that!

Is the building accessible?

We love all God's people and have ensured the building is accessible to all levels of mobility.  There is a back parking lot close to the building.  There are also designated parking spots out front near a ramp to enter the building.  Then, no matter what building you are in, everything is on one level.

What do I wear?

You'll be comfortable and surrounded by people in everything from very casual shorts and jeans to a coat and tie.  You will be welcome and fit right in!

What's the Worship Style?

Worship here is experiential and worshipful.  You'll experience a wide range of music and, no matter your background or preference, you'll likely connect.  Our prayer when we plan worship is that persons of all generations will connect at some point during worship with a music style that engages them.  Got a favorite worship song?  Let us know and we'll try to get it in for you!

May I receive communion?

We believe God's grace is a free gift and, as a result, is open to everyone.  Even if this is your first visit, you are invited to receive Holy Communion.  We receive by "intinction" meaning you'll receive a piece of bread and dip it into the cup.  Then, you eat both together.  A gluten free option is always available for those that need it.

Do you welcome people from other churches?

We welcome everyone.  You can be from a long history in a church or never walked into one and not sure you want to today!  We'll welcome you and not push faith down your throat.  We want you to think, ask hard questions, use your brain, and grow in your own faith journey, wherever that may lead you.

Will my entire family be welcome?

You love your kids, and so do we! Bring your children to either worship experience and you'll find childcare available.  At 10:30am, Children's Programming begins about 15 minutes into worship.  Teens and kids often leave at this time to enjoy programming just for them with our rained and screened children's ministry leaders. They head to theChildren's Center, a great interactive room complete with a new theater.  In the Children's center, they'll have age appropriate lessons and worship just for them.  Of course, your children are welcome to stay all the way through worship if you prefer.

Is there coffee?

Yes, and snacks too!  Coffee is available all morning.  Plus, we often times have snacks from 10:00-10:30am.  It's our gift to you, so you don't need to pay.  You'll be greeted by a volunteer at the hospitality table, but you can help yourself too!  Bring it in the Celebration Center or the Sanctuary and relax for an amazing morning of worship.  

Will I be pressured to give?

As regulars, we give our gifts because it allows us to change the world for good in this community, state, nation, and across the world.  As a visitor, we want you to experience worship as our gift to you.  You should never feel pressure to give. 

Can I meet the pastor?

The Cathedral has a senior pastor, an Amity campus pastor, a pastor of family life ministries, a pastor emeritus, and several retired pastors who attend here.  Our regular pastors will rotate between campuses, but normally you will see Pastor Rob here at Amity.  And, yes, you can meet him right after worship.  

Do you have other questions?

Just fill out this short form below and we'll be happy to answer them.  You can also call us at 208-362-2468 or email